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Origami Paper Paintings

Part 1

When I was trying the origami roses I started with normal coloured paper, Neil had mentioned using actual origami paper, so I got some. And it did make the roses a lot easier to make. It made me think, if I can use normal paper to make origami would using origami paper to paint on work? So I chose 6 pieces of origami paper, each a colour of colour palette, which I decided to paint a section of the rose onto in the colour or the paper. I used my dabbing technique, doing everything the same way I would if it where normal paper.

Considering the weight of the origami paper is quite low I was surprised it held out so well, it didn’t seep through or make the paper soggy. It did wrinkle it a little bit I quite like that as it adds even more texture. Overall I was surprised that the origami paper turned out to be a good surface to paint on. I’m glad I decided to try this out because only by stretching the limits or intended purpose of a material do you find out what else you can do with it.


Reference Photo Edits

Initially I just thought I would play around with picsart to see what other effects might look good with my reference photo. I used effects like watercolour, neon, black and white and emboss. I put some kind of sparkle effect on which in some of the edits looks a little like white specks of paint. I really like the embossed edit (Bottom photo) because it looks very textured and almost like a type of wallpaper.

The black and white edit will be a very good reference image for me to use if I do decide to create a monochromatic version of my painting to incorporate into the FMP. I am definitely leaning towards doing so because when it was suggested to me my initial thought was that it might look out of place. However the more I think about that the more it actually makes sense to me because with having such a bright piece I think it would be good in terms of showing that not everyone can see those bold bright colours.

I thought i would explain why i use a dabbing techneque in a lot of my painting work. As the short video shows it is great for texture. By putting a lot on the brush and applying the paint quite thick onto the paper it allows clumps and raised sections of paint. Once dry these create such a interesting texture on the surface and removes the look of brush strokes within the work because there are none.


DIY Watercolor Texture Techniques from hatefueled on Deviant Art here. Top to bottom: alcohol, salt, blotting, stencils/erasing, sandpaper and wax. You can go to the link for more on each technique.

Very interesting. I have tried some of these in the past but there are quite a few i have never tried. Could be very interesting to try for added texture. As well as with acrylic rather than watercolour.


So i should have been there today for presentations but due to a rather upset stomach i couldn’t be.

Title - Rose

Where i am with the project - I have been looking at textured surfaces and how i might produce my piece on a variety of surfaces. I think surfces like the rose stems and the candle wax where good for development but would not work in the final piece. The rose stems are too fidly and it would take too many to create a large enough surface. The candle wax simply flakes of too easily.

Colour has also been a large part of my development. I have been looking at bright colours as that is what i want. I have looked at usimg different shades of one colour is a piece. Opposite colours, and even painting on a coloured backgroud. I have found that i want to stick with my varied shades of one colour. I personally like that one colour look. It’s simple in looks and not too hard on the eye.

I have also been making origami roses. Some frustration involved there. I think i need to get some origami paper. That i think could be the answer to me not getting do annoyed with it. I think it could be a nice added touch to include some origami or paper roses into the final presentation of my work.

My Plan now - I plan to now look at the composition i will be presenting my main body of work for the exhibition. As well as if it will be a 36 colour piece or a 46 colour and 6 monocromatic piece. The monochromatic pieces may add a interesting touch to the piece.

I will also start to chose and gather my textures which are to be incorporated into my final piece. Intimacy through the sense of touch is the basisis of this. I want people to want to touch the piece.

I am also thinking i will increase the scale to A2 which then is cut into 6 equal squares. So i am not sure on the final scale of the piece but i like that element of unknown.

Any comments from the group are more than welcome.
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