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Lauren Manoogian

Lauren Manoogian is a New York based jewellery and knitwear designer.

After studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, Lauren worked as a knitwear designer and artist assistant before she launched her own label of accessories and knitwear in 2010. The result of her playful approach to design are statement jewellery pieces in bold colours and effortless inimitable knitwear styles with a collection of brightly coloured necklaces made of paper clips and painted leather bracelets. Lauren focuses on a close collaboration with knitting factories in Peru and L.A., using organic yarns and working with old-fashioned looms which involve a nearly handmade process.

She sources materials for jewellery from scrap metal and electronics surplus warehouses and finds inspiration almost everywhere, from Native American textiles to landscape art.

I really like her jewellery collection. I really like the idea of using items such as paper clips and bright/bold colour to create pieces of art/jewellery. My opinion is that these pieces look fantastic and you wouldn’t guess what materials she has actually used, which is a sign of how good she is at what she does. I would take influence from her in the way of her use of bright/bold colours as I really like my own work to be bright and bold where possible. I feel a varied range of colour makes a piece stand out more. And that is exactly what I like to try to incorporate into my own work.

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