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Textiles Evaluation

Technically I have 3 final outcome samples because the blue and red one is two together. Two different colour schemes which I put together because they look good together, I didn’t at the time realise that by doing so I would then need to produce another piece (oops).

I chose the Gary Hume piece for my colour palette. There was a small mix up with the shade if colour as when I asked Kim if we had to stick to the exact shade she said no, but Katie later said that it is best as it was a design brief (which I hadn’t realised). Which is why the mustard colour was added to the red and blue piece, I was trying to bring it back to the colour palette, which I think worked quite well.

I was inspired to use felt after looking at artist Mary Clare Buckle, who loves using felt in her work. I have used felt in my work before and I do like the texture of it. I decided to have each of the six parts layered as three to give a raised surface because every rubbing I took was a raised surface.

I used a lot of hand sticking in the work which included a running stitch and particularly hand couching, this was because I felt I had a lot more control over the couching by hand than by machine and it allowed me to use a triple thread (three threads in one needle) which I did to give the piece a more mixed palette look.

Each of the six parts has 3 toothpicks hand couched on. What I think is interesting about that is the fact that each part has the toothpicks arranged differently, they are arranged in a different pattern associated with the rubbings. 6 parts, 6 rubbings.

I decided to surface mound them as I thought that would look best, I also wrapped the mustard wool around toothpicks to link each part together better.

I feel this really worked for me because it is neat and clean which I wanted. It is also quite detailed when you look closely at it. If I where to do the piece again I would definitely use the exactly colour palette because on reflection I do think it would have been better due to being a design brief,

The second piece, I literally threw together because it was last minute and I did not have a lot of time to do it. I used one I had started but not finished, which was the word textiles and a male and female logo overlapping. This was done using the free machine embroidery technique whip stitch, Which I really liked but it is so time consuming. I then attached it to another surface which was made by dropping ink onto a piece of material, which I then applied a very spaced out running stitch to using yarn. Lastly I added some of the mustard coloured wool in the same way I applied the yarn.

I think I need to added some pale blue to this piece, maybe in the form of paint to finish it off. In truth I don’t like the second piece, I think because it was a rushed piece. Maybe I will if I add the blue, who knows. I do know that if I where to do this one again it would look nothing like what it does and more like the first piece, as that was the initial plan.

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